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Make More Money by Standardizing your Processes

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I threw 'money' into the title just to get some excitement in your eyes, but I can see they're already glazing over. Hold on. Give me two minutes to convince you why you need to standardize your processes. Don't fall asleep just yet.

Improving your business process can make you more profitable
Wake up. It's time to standardize your processes.

1. Productivity. When you eliminate inefficiencies and when everyone understands what system to use, you can do more with less. You avoid task ambiguity, internal conflict over who does what, and wasteful repetition and rework.

2. Profitability. "A penny saved is a penny earned", Ben Franklin said. When your people are working smarter and more efficiently, you can accomplish more with fewer resource. Or, you can grow your company while minimizing new hires. As your cost of sales goes down, profit goes up. Sweet.

3. Consistency of service. How to ensure that your customer or client service is consistently excellent? First, get the right people on board, since even the best system won't make up for lackluster motivation. Then, give these superstars the right system to follow and ask them to help continuously improve it.

4. Consistency of deliverable quality. Consumers crave deliverable consistency; when you get a Big Mac and fries, you know exactly how they should taste*. When you have the right people following the right system, your deliverable quality should be consistently high. And if on the odd occasion you do mess up**, you should have enough trust and goodwill established so that your client knows they can rely on you to fix the problem. How's that for a relationship-builder?

*Except, oddly, for McDonald's in Japan, where I hear the fries taste like fish. But I digress.

**Hopefully any screw up will be more along the lines of, "You gave me a Filet-o-Fish, but I asked for a Quarter Pounder", rather than the epic scale of the SNC Lavalin/JT/JWR affair.

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